Important Features of Technology Devices That Can Aid Seniors

The technology sector is developing at a rapid pace, which makes it hard for senior citizens to sync with the intensifying advancements. Technology offers a lot to people of every age even seniors. However, when selecting a TV or tablet for your granddad it is necessary to ensure that the product is customized in a way that suits them.

With age dexterity and mobility declines, so the things that were used as young are challenging as you grow old. This is the main reason that companies designed devices like Sirona.TV specifically for seniors.

It offers the elderly to connect with their friends or family, monitor & regulate health, play games, and even chat with their doctor from the convenience of their home. Sirona is an easy to use television that is designed to improve the overall well-being of seniors.

The designers of technology need to bear in mind the problems of old age.

Features considered while designing a technology devices for seniors

Designed to hearing or sight 

People after 40 years start experience hardship in concentrating on small words, which are close. The condition is called ‘Presbyopia’. Screens used for designing the devices must have large adjustable fonts for easy readability. Some even struggle with color vision as they get elder. Technology needs to focus on designs that don’t need color-coded symbols.

If the device is chosen depending on audio information and video visual then offering subtitles are great. Opt for a device that has options to make the font size large, change object colors, volume increase or decrease, and is available with a big screen.

The design needs to have limited motor functions

Due to growing age, seniors struggle with their overall annual dexterity and motor control. They find it hard to use a program that needs precise and fast clicks. A touch screen is a great option to traditional mouse clicks. The buttons on the touch screen need to be 9.6mm positioned diagonally for optimal use.

The decline of motor functions pressurizes many seniors, who don’t desire to get familiar with the latest technology. There are some elders, who don’t get the opportunity to get familiar with which is the right kind of technology product suitable to overcome their manual dexterity.

It was reported that the majority of senior population use tablets. Tablets are fairly straightforward because the app and font size can be increased. Seniors can use tablets in a comfortable setting. They have large touch screens. For example, a Grandpad tablet is an advanced technology device. It is designed for seniors keeping in mind their needs including simple interface, user-friendly, easy connection, check the weather, play music, email, browse the internet, play games, and order rides.

Encourage seniors to understand technology advancement

The steep learning curve to understand new technology advancement pushes seniors away. They feel frustrated and hardly try to use them. If they get a hunch that there is a great advantage to use the latest technology device then they will not find it frightening to learn. You need to make your senior understand the benefits of certain technology to influence their perception of the steep learning curve.

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