What is The Primary Source of COVID-19?

All of us know that this COVID-19 virus originated in China and the first case was in the Wuhan city. Soon it spread all over the country and then to many other countries through humans.

Initially, people suspected that this disease was spread from seafood market in Wuhan where live animals are slaughtered and the meat is sold. That is the reason why experts thought that the virus spread through animals.

When this disease became an epidemic in China then the scientists in China found the source of this virus. According to them this new coronavirus originated from bats which usually hibernate during winter season. However, their studies were not published.

As per the study made by few other scientists, the infection still could have spread to humans through certain intermediary animal. Few other studies have theorized that perhaps it went through snakes before it was passed on to humans.

Various phylogenetic analyses suggests that bats could be the original host of new corona virus as the animal sold in seafood market of Wuhan may represent as intermediate host to facilitate the emergence of this virus in humans.

Unfortunately, bats have a history of passing deadly pathogens to humans.

Another article which was published in the year 2017 suggests that how virologists could identify that a single horseshoe bat population can harbor SARS virus strains having the entire genetic building blocks that could jump into humans in 2002.

Few other trusted research sources, which was also published confirms about infectious diseases that many different African bats can also be reservoirs of incredibly dangerous virus known as Ebola virus.

In the past, too many other viruses also were transmitted to humans through animals. There are 7 coronaviruses including the present one that can infect humans.

Ever since this virus started spreading in the Wuhan city, people have started using 3 Ply masks, as it was observed when the affected person coughs or sneezes then their droplets can infect others.

Soon doctors found that this kind of virus can spread very fast from people to people and therefore they emphasized that people should wash their hands frequently and maintain their hygiene.

Though this virus is creating severe effect on humans, experts think that as the time passes its effect may diminish because our immune systems may get adapted to this virus.

Various efforts are being made by various governments to contain this virus are still not perfect, but that is what best any health officials are able to implement so far, without infringing on people’s privacy.

To conclude, we can say that it is really very difficult to predict when we will get the right vaccine for COVID-19 but people must exercise few precautions and develop awareness about this virus which cannot be brushed aside.

As we still do not know everything about this virus, we have to remain prepared and follow all the epidemic response. The government is also gearing up their efforts and many new hospitals are being created to provide necessary treatment.

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