Smart Ways of Resource Planning and Project Management

People wonder how a resource is crucial in project management. What is a resource? A resource is an essential asset, which includes not just finances but even a team, a person, a tool, and even time. To complete a project different kind of resources are needed. Before the project starts resources get evaluated and wisely allocated. Poor resource planning can cause resource exhaustion in the middle of the project, which delays deadlines and deliverables.

Smart ways of resource planning and management

It is necessary to have real-time transparency in allocating project resources, so project-saving decisions can be made fast. Besides, the estimation and implementation of future projects can be improved.

Below are some tips to identify overloaded or under-loaded resources, identify critical tasks, and focus on overruns that are consuming your profit margins. Use PlanStreet’s Resource Management tool to plan and manage resource and workload capacity.

Track all the resources in a glance

Project managers can make use of the Gantt chart to see every type of resource involved in just a glance, on a single table. The advantages of Gantt table software are –

  • Accessible to everyone, even those in remote areas
  • Easy integration, so the entire team can view everything, at a glance
  • Financial tracking helps to control project cost and stay within budget
  • Real-time changes and edits
  • Security and encryption reduce the concerns about being hacked

The Gantt table software is easy to use and helps the team to stay on the same page.

Keep correct time logs

Time tracking of every task relevant to a project is challenging because updating records get forgotten. Resource management software is intended to keep track of employee tasks. The project manager makes use of a Kanban board to assign tasks to each employee. There are four status categories on the board including flagged, done, in progress, and to do. The project manager receives real-time updates from these categories.

Employee time is updated automatically in their timesheet as they log in. Team scheduling feature reveals appointments, meetings, and tasks in a single amalgamated view based on monthly, weekly, and daily. The project managers can access every team member’s real-time calendar, which will help them plan overall capacity and make assignments.

Adjust team’s workload

A team member gets overloaded with a crucial task simultaneously, which can be a risk of running over schedule. The project managers can adjust the team’s load work as soon as they detect this issue. The tasks get rearranged, so that workload gets balanced. More resources are brought to work in critical areas. It ensures that the project gets completed on time.

PlanStreet’s scrum board is very useful to the project managers and scrum masters for backlog refinement, sprint planning, and tracking velocity over time as well as it keeps the remote team updated. It is a great way to collaborate with the entire project team. It acts as a reference board for the team and stakeholders. It encourages the work team to stay committed every day.

Resource management and tracking allow the project managers to know the – who, when, and where related to employees and tasks. It ensures seamless resource planning and project management.

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