Simple Ways to Boost Your New Website’s SEO Before It Goes Live

Creating an elite website is great, but there are still several things to do to bring traffic to it. Your website needs search engine optimization or SEO to appear on top rankings of search results.

With so much information about SEO, new business owners feel intimidated. Search engine optimization is not impossible but needs some planning. With the internet saturated with competitors, it becomes necessary to pay more attention to improve the SEO of your website.

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Simple ways to quickly boost your new site’s SEO 

Choose correct URL

Give your website a domain name before it goes live. Visitors type this address to locate your site. It is the first thing visitors see, just like the giant signboard hanging over your physical shop. Even Google looks at it first to get familiar with your site’s activities before deciding how to rank.

The URL of every page has to be appealing and clear. There have to be no hashbangs, characters, or page ID. An ideal domain address includes the name of your business along with a couple of relevant keywords. For example, if you are a photographer, then choose [business name + profession].

Create title & descriptions 

Every page on your site can have an exclusive title & description. The brief text you see hovering over your browser tab is clear and appealing. The description is not visible but is crucial for search engines.

Search bots track the title & description to determine what rank your site deserves. The moment your site shows on the result page, visitors read the title & description. They get to know about your brand and decide to click on it or not.

Use anchor text

Anchor text is a clickable hyperlink text that takes clickers directly to some other web page on your website or somewhere else. Use anchor text effectively to help users find what they came in search of. Include relevant keywords and phrases on the anchor text.

For example, you own an online boutique. In the home page content where ‘look at our holiday collection’ is mentioned link it to your section that displays the collection via anchor text.

Excessive linking can damage your SEO, so ensure to use it properly and in balance.

Add ALT text on every image

Search bots read the text with ease, but not images. To understand images, they need ‘ALT text’. It is a brief image description. Describe the image accurately along with relevant keywords and brand name.

Check the headers

Each website page has a title, subtitle, etc. While scanning, it helps search bots understand the content of your site with ease. Define your page title as H1, which needs to be descriptive. Every page has a single H1, and then the headers hierarchy follows like H2, H3, etc. The clearer the text structure, the easy it is for search bots to digest.

After your new website goes live, make sure to monitor your progress. It helps to stay aware of how effective your SEO efforts are, which makes a difference!

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