The Reasons to Invest in Customized Floor Mats with Logos

The efficacy of creating visual clues through signs, wall displays or store windows, is unquestionable however floors remain unexplored. Your business can turn its floors into a marketing and sales success by placing logo mats at the entryway.

Rememberthat over 90% of the information you process in your brain can be seen by you. The first thing visitors or vendors notice when they enter the store or business door is your floor. Utilizing floor mats that are strategically placed with an innovative visual designs will give an edge in the marketing.

In contrast to regular carpets, custom logo door mats look attractive. They are the focal point. Ultimate Mats are a wealth of designs and styles. Printing is done using the latest technology in digital printing.

It is all you need to do is send or upload the company’s logo along with the design and style information. The proofs are sent out for review , and then after approval after which the mats are made available to be produced. The order is delivered to customers within ten working days after the receipt of the confirmation.

The reasons to invest in custom-designed floor mats that have your logo


WaterHog™ Drainable Border Outdoor Mats not only aid in keeping the entrance clear of debris, mud and dirt, but they also trap water before it gets indoor. They can be useful in areas exposed to a lot of traffic. Because the mats soak up the water and prevent it from creating a slippery floor, it is a risk for everyone.

Safety of your customers is the top concern for your staff as well as customers. By using a particular kind of floor mat that can be placed at the entry point is the most effective way to avoid injuries that can result from legal claims. Use it in a smart way with your logo. Floor mats are also a visitors a signal that your business is concerned about the safety of guests and the cleanliness.

Visually attractive

Floor mats for portable floors not only shield the flooring, tiles as well as hardwood floors and other traffic areas from wear and tear and outdoor debris but can also add style to your interior décor.

A floor mat that is personalized that has textural effects and vibrant colors gives a positive initial impression. The entrance mat with the brand’s name and logo functions as a signage and let guests know they’re in the right area.


The first thing that a potential customer is likely to see when they enter your business or store is the custom floor mat featuring your company’s logo. You’ve incorporated the character of your business in a subtle the space, but it is elegant.

Every person who comes in or out will be able to miss the message you wish to communicate. The last thing that they will see is the entrance mat. It’s an impression that will be etched in their minds. They will recall when they need your services or products.

A cost-effective marketing solution

Instead of putting an ordinary floor mat instead, why not get it branded with your company’s logo and name. This way you can put your brand’s name from the reception area through the break room. It’s a cost-effective method of generating brand recognition. Floor mats help keep the floors dry, clean and safe. When they are personalized, they can be great marketing tools. Purchase high-quality, durable floor mats now!

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