Indeed Ai Chatbots have redefined customer relationship management, by opening up newer channels of customer engagement. Today the business world has to work with cut throat margins, which can only be increased by an elevated and dedicated customer level. With the arrival of e-commerce, which has changed the plane ofContinue Reading

Mobile phones aren’t always a great source for storing data, people often rely on external devices like USB flash drives. But, what if you could transform your mobile phone into a USB flash drive? Yes,you read it right. This can be done by making use of some specialised mobile phoneContinue Reading

As more consumers turn to social media in Dallas for information about different brands and what they have to offer, marketers must explore the relationship between these platforms and their own businesses. Social media has put consumers more in control of business success. Large corporations with massive marketing budgets noContinue Reading

Educational apps have revolutionized the way student studies or gains knowledge these days. These apps definitely have a lot of benefits. Though these cannot replace the traditional form of learning but surely has added advantages to it. Students find it interesting and fun to learn from these. The way theContinue Reading

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